Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cholame, California
September 30, 1955

"I was fifteen when my high school English class was shown the movie, "East of Eden." Why, I'm not sure, but maybe we were studying American fiction. Dean's performance as Cal was memorable for the sense of danger and sexual tension he conveyed. I didn't get his name but I clearly remember wondering why I didn't know who he was -- I thought the leading actor in such a film ought to be a household name. Well, I guess he was, but it had somehow escaped me. Not until nine years later, when I was browsing Patricia Bosworth's biography of Monty Clift, did I stumble across Dean's name again; this time I was provoked enough to check out Venable Herndon's "A Short Life." Finally, the mystery was solved. I remember thinking, "Oh, THAT'S who that was in 'East of Eden."

~ Val Holley, Writer

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