Sunday, August 13, 2006

THE ENGLISH BEAT: Ska in the Silicon Valley

Last Thursday, August 10, Birmingham's band English Beat performed a gig in San Jose, California. A little bit more than a week before they also played in Santa Cruz, about a half an hour from here; however, we missed them.

The band, well-known as one of the most important ska revivalist groups, had success with songs like "Save It for Later" and "I Confess" which we played in the radio during the eighties. They broke up in 1983. Then, two of its members started General Public ("Tenderness"). Later on, two other members formed the Fine Young Cannibals ("She Drives Me Crazy").

It was a cool evening, full of music and drinks, even though I never found co-workers Cheryl and Michelle, who were probably dancing in front of the stage... At least, that is what they told me the following day. (PHOTO: Eugene Iglesias).

Javier Lishner
San Jose, California
August 13, 2007

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