Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Pete Evick es el guitarista de la Bret Michaels Band y ayer, en la página oficial de Bret, refiriéndose al estado del cantante, escribió lo siguiente:

Hey everyone. Much like Janna, I rarely speak out about Bret other than my own personal facebook comments. But I wanted to reach out to all of you and let you know that we who are closest to Bret, are overwhelmed with the amount of love and well wishes he is receiving. I know that everyone is waiting for some OFFICIAL news, however we just cant give any right now. This is a time for family, a time for healing and a time for love. It is out of respect first and foremost for his precious daughters, their mother and his immediate family that none of us say anything. The press has a way of taking information and doing what they want with it. At a critical time, we who care deepest for him, refuse to offer any information that can be delivered incorrectly. Imagine if your children or parents read something even slightly not true about you or your health on the internet. Its not fun.

Bret Michaels. (PHOTO: Internet).

What I can tell you is that when I was invited into Bret’s world, over 5 years ago, I was introduced to a new level of strength, and loyalty. So much that I had to rethink my whole life and how I do things. I thought I was a hard worker. I didn't understand that a man 10 years older than me, battling a life long war with Juvenile Diabetes, more fame than most, and more money than he knows what to do with, could possibly get up everyday with more drive and passion than myself. I was wrong! I didn't understand what it meant to be a loyal friend. The kind that would do anything you ever needed without even asking why, what, who or where. Bret is the kind of guy that wakes up everyday and treats it like it is his first, and may be his last. He is full of passion, energy and love. But most of all, he is a survivor. Against the odds of a critical music industry, or battling a crippling disease, over and over again Bret has come out on top and ahead of the game. I personally expect nothing less from him in this situation.

With all that being said, all Bret has ever really wanted to give is the gift of music. All he has ever asked for is the gift of music. We have been hard at work on the upcoming CUSTOM BUILT record. To keep my own sanity in this last week, I dove heavy into the music. One of my personal favorites in a track called WASTED TIME. It is full of pure BRET MICHAELS emotion and heart. While not the final mix, I took some of the vocal we have laid down on the bus during the tour and comped together a piece of NEW MUSIC for you all. I believe all the fans will agree with me that this teaser is an amazing song. I hope you all use it, like I have this week, to remind you how amazing my great friend Bret is. So I hacked into the site and slammed it into the beginning of the Web Page Audio. In fact you should be hearing it right now as you read this.

Cheers to all
Much love to Bret

Pete Evick
Friend and guitarist for BMB


Duda said...

Manan canchu, Limamanta Pacha

Anonymous said...

Triste noticia. Los pronósticos médicos no son los más favorables pero espero de verdad que se recupere.

Javier Lishner said...

Disculpa Duda. Entiendo lo que quieres decir y tienes razón. Solo quise publicar el comentario tal y cual fue puesto en el sitio de Internet de Bret. Para no quitarle nada del sentido original de Pete.

Claro que el riesgo está en que no todos hablan el idioma de Pete. Aquí se refiere a su amigo Bret Michaels y al respeto que merece su familia en momentos difíciles por los que está pasando.

Un abrazo,


Javier Lishner said...

Hola Chino Jarkor:

Al igual que tú, espero una pronta recuperación del popular vocalista. Solo buena energía para quienes estén al cuidado de su salud y para su familia.

Y un gran abrazo para ti.


Luis said...

Acabo de leer en internet que su estado mejora,y los medicos ya no lo consideran de riesgo,si esto es asi bien por el,por su familia,por sus fans y por sus novias,aunque tambien dicen que el proceso de recuperacion sera lento pues no es un jovencito y que un derrame como el que sufrio genralmente suele ser fatal,pero con los tratamientos y la rehabilitacion podra recuperar poco a poco sus movimientos.

Esta noticia me recuerda alo que paso con Luis Miguel hace poco,que hasta lo dieron por muerto.
Luis de jesus maria