Saturday, September 16, 2006

The 20th Century Boy

It was twenty-nine years ago, in 1977, when the news was spread out all over the world. Only two weeks before turning 30, the forefront of Glam Rock, Mark Feld, well known as Marc Bolan, the singer and guitar player for British band T. Rex, died in a car crash less than a mile from his home in Richmond, England.

Girlfriend, American singer Gloria Jones who was driving Marc's purple Mini 1275 GT survived the car accident. At home, little Rolan, not even two, stayed waiting for Dad who unfortunately never came back. Bolan passed away September 16 just a month after one of his idols, Elvis Presley.

Singers David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Elton John attended Marc's funeral at Golders Green Crematorium. Gary Glitter and the Who drummer Keith Moon just sent flowers. (Coincidentally, Moon followed Bolan next year and his ashes were buried next to him.)

Marc and baby Rolan, his son with singer Gloria Jones.

Summer's not a bummer,
this is summer and it's now.
Summer is heaven in '77.

- "Celebrate Summer" - Marc Bolan, 1977

A Memorial Stone for the 20th Anniversary of Marc's death at the car crash site in Queens Ride Barnes Common, London. (PHOTO: David Edgar)

Let's play some Bolan's music to celebrate his life. "Bang a Gong (Get In On)", "Jeepster", "Hot Love", "Metal Guru", "Telegram Sam", "20th Century Boy", anything but out loud.

Javier Lishner
San Jose, California
September 16, 2006

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